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Injection Molding

Injection molding

PPM is the single source for your injection molding and contract manufacturing needs, and is strategically positioned to take your program from concept to completion.

A significant investment has been made to our manufacturing operations, giving us the latest technology in the industry and solidifying our position as one of the leading Injection Molding players in the US /Mexico border region.

PPM capabilities include 27 molding presses, ranging from 30-230 tons available for your projects application.


PPM has supplied Tier I and II automotive manufacturers with parts and components for over 40+ years. We’ve managed hundreds of mold design and builds and launched successful programs for the world’s largest automotive companies. All of our customers receive the highest level of engineering, quality, and program management support. From initial design activities, to PPAP submissions, to just-in-time deliveries, PPM is the automotive manufacturing partner you can count on.

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PPM also serves the following industries:

- Electronics
- Consumer Goods
- Food and Beverage
- Hardware

Due to our long trajectory in the injection molding business, PPM has acquired a vast group of sourcing partners experts in the field We have working accounts with all the major resin manufacturers and distributors in the industry. Which are able to provide our customers with technical expertise in their new project developments.

PPM currently molds over 35 different plastic resins, including many auto spec and special engineering grades

Tool & Mold fabrication

Precision Mold Making

PPM houses a state-of-the-art mold manufacturing facility offering complete tool and die fabrication. High performance, high speed machining centers housed in our modern tool room area, with long-term dedicated toolmakers, have made PPM first choice among major companies across the United States and Mexico.

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Engineering / Mold design

PPM can offer complete concept-to-finished-part customer service. Bring us a sample, prototype or CAD drawing, and we will provide the expertise needed to develop the right mold for your product.

At PPM all injection molds are designed and built in-house by our expert engineers using the latest CAD/CAM software. Continuous collaboration with the customer and extreme attention to detail ensures that our molds will meet your exacting requirements.       

PPM designs and builds injection molds for products used in many industries including: Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Housewares and many others.

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Injection Mold Repair & Service

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In addition to our building capabilities, PPM offers complete injection mold repair, refurbishment and maintenance services. We also offer expedite solutions when an urgent project needs to be services within 24-hours. Some of the most common repairs include opening gates and replacing ejector pins, leader pins, gaskets, fittings and bushings. We also specialize in micro welding, polishing, edm work, and mold replating.

PPM can repair or modify numerous types of molds, including:
- Cold Runner Molds
- Hot Runner Molds
- Replacement mold Inserts
- Custom ejector and core pins
- Mold Counters and Date insert installations
- Specialty Wire Harness tooling.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

There is nothing more important in this business that the life of your mold. Being a molder ourselves, we realize the significance of having all your tools properly maintained. 

At PPM we provide a top-quality Preventive Maintenance (PM) program for all your molds, complete with visual reports, maintenance schedules and repair history for each tool.

We believe preventative maintenance is crucial in order to avoid costly mold repairs, quality issues and interruptions in production. Every tool is unique, so we customize our maintenance to each tool’s specific need.

Engineering changes

 Engineering changes image At PPM we understand that Engineering Changes are part of the business. What customers don’t realize is that oftentimes these changes can be made to existing tooling, saving the expense of building a new mold.

The following is a list of common engineering changes that can be made to all molds including those designed and built elsewhere.

- Dimensional changes to molded part
- Engraving /Logo changes to molded part
- Mold or cavity adaptations 
- Equipment retrofits to run different tooling

Custom Mold Components & other services

Custom Pins and Injection Mold Inserts

- 3D printer prototyping
- Go-No-Go fixtures (Poka Yoke)
- Blade Sharpening
- Control Panel / Chassis restoration
- Automation projects
- Bushing Fabrication
- Die Punches
- Gears Fabrication

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